In addition to my Architectural, Real Estate and Commercial Photography work, I'm also a  passionate Landscape Photographer. Included here are links to some of my favorite images from my travels that aren't part of my Personal Projects.
More an more I find that my method as a Landscape Photographer is to photograph the same location over and over to develop a personal relationship.  So while I have a relatively "small" variety of locations I have, or plan to have, a constantly changing portfolio of images as I revisited my favorite locations again and again.
Lopez Island has been my home for the past 20 years and I'm in constant awe of its beauty. So it's absolutely my go-to destination whenever I have new Landscape photography gear to test or whenever I need to be surrounded by its beauty.
In addition to the galleries above, I'm still exploring my beautiful home and its rural architecture.
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island is the "Big City" in the San Juan Islands. And although I photograph it often, it's not nearly often enough. Home to Lime Kiln State Park, and Lighthouse, and the Cattle Point Lighthouse makes it a favorite local photography destination of mine. In addition San Juan Island has an amazing amount of open public space that cries out to the Landscape Photographer.
It's on my list to revisit all the above locations but I also plan to dive in deeper and explore San Juan Island with trips to American Camp, British Camp, Roche Harbor and the off the beaten path, nooks and beautiful crannies.
While my lack of photography of Orcas Island, and its neighbors Patos Island & Sucia Island, might scream neglect, it's not from a dearth of visits. It's just that I haven't seemed to get into synch with this amazing and wonderful island.
Fortunately there are great camping opportunities on Orcas Island, Patos Island and Sucia Islands so when a chance for some "overnighters' presents itself. These island are high on the list.
My relationship with Shaw Island has been one of total neglect. Not only have I not attempted any Landscape Photography on Shaw Island, I've never even been there in my 20 years on the San Juan Islands. Definitely no excuse. Hoping to manage a spring camping trip to rectify this embarrassing oversight.
Anacortes is constant companion to those of us who call the San Juan Islands home. But I confess that I can get a bit lazy and be in "horse to the barn" mode and bee-line to the ferry terminal.
This is a habit I plan to work on changing as I'm wanting to explore more of its beauty with Washington Park and Cranberry Lake Park high on the list. Plus some local camping on Whidbey Island should help with these fledgling relationships.
Over the past 10 years or so I've accompanied my wife on her business trips to Hawaiian Islands of Maui & Kauai. With a winter and summer tip to Maui and a fall trip to Kauai, I've had amazing opportunities to explore these South Pacific Island Paradises.
I've decided to take a breather from trips to Hawaii but I'm sure its beauty will call me back again.
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