The bread and butter of Real Estate & Vacation Rental Property Photography are the interior images and all too often these don't do a home justice. It's imperative to capture inviting images that show off the home's full potential. We give each room its own "photo shoot", including adding lighting and subtle staging, to bring out its unique features and beauty.
I added Real Estate Photography to my passion as a Photographer years ago when we were shopping for our own home on Lopez Island. All too often we had no idea if a home was worth visiting due to the dark, uninviting interior photographs. It's been my goal ever since to capture and help advertise the innate beauty I find in every home. And with so many amazing home in the San Juan Islands (Lopez Island, Orcas Island, Shaw Island and Friday Harbor, San Juan Island) I'm enjoying chasing that goal.
Matterport Virtual Tours
Matterport virtual tours are a fabulous complement to HiRes photography. I have a ton more info on my dedicated Matterport page.
While It's often the Interior Photography that gets clients interested, the lead marketing shots are almost always an Exterior photo. These shots need to be very, very compelling to ensure potential clients "click-through" for more information. So whether I need to mount a camera high on a pole or shoot from across the bay with a telephoto lens, I aim to capture that exceptional lead photo.
Aerial Photography can often provide the view of Architecture or a Real Estate Listing that you just can't achieve any other way. I am a FAA Part 107 certified UAV (Drone) pilot / photographer, with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and am an all around aviation geek. I have been flying and performing Aerial photography with drones for over 5 years.
 It's my top priority to provide Aerial Photography to my clients while also respecting the privacy and peace of mind of my neighbors in the San Juan Islands, (Lopez Island, Shaw Island, Orcas Island, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island), the Non-Ferry Served Islands or Anacortes.
The Greek origin of the word Photography is roughly "Drawing with Light". In modern parlance I'd say that translates to:
 "A Photograph is Only as Good as the Light it's Capture In"

This is the reason why Twilight images are so successful in showcasing the fundamental beauty of the architecture and landscape of a home or business. The ethereal quality of the light just before sunrise and after sunset simplifies the composition down to the essential shape and form of the Architecture. For the Real Estate Photographer, Twilight Photos are considered "money shots" and often become the lead exterior image.
Nothing shows off the beauty of a home quite as well as an exquisite view image. And the best view shots often occur during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Although these images can often require multiple appointments, they are very much worth it.
I think every home has a view. Some are stunning water overlooks, maybe a view of Mt Baker or the idyllic scene of our Washington State Ferries sailing past. And even the magnificent garden view deserves its due. So I feel exterior views are an important part of the selection of images that I deliver.
So in order to provide the best possible imagery, I pre-scout every home that I photograph. I check the location of the sun and corresponding shadows and review the current ferry schedule. Often different parts of the property are best shot at various time during the day so I'll make additional trips if needed.
In addition to Architectural, Real Estate and Vacation Property views shot on assignment, I also have available a large and growing collection of images from the San Juan Islands in my Landscape Photography portfolio. These include images from Lopez Island and Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.
What type of clients & services do you serve?
I provide aerial, interior & exterior photography along with Matterport virtual tours to Real estate agents, home owners, architects and business owners. I do occasionally get requests for portraits and event photography, but currently I don't offer those services. You can find a partial list of my past people and companies that I've worked with on my Clients page.
What areas do you service?
Currently I routinely support the ferry served San Juan Islands (Lopez Island, Shaw Island, Orcas Island & San Juan Island). I am also available for the non ferry served islands (Stuart Island, Decatur Island, Center Island, Obstruction Island etc) provided the client can provide transportation, usually via a private boat from Odlin Park County Dock or Hunter Bay County Dock. I can also travel to Anacortes, Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island with the addition of a charge that covers the Anacortes Ferry. You can follow along with my travels by checking out my location map.
How long does a typical shoot Last?
Typically a shoot for a moderate sized home takes between 3 to 4 hours. I add additional lighting as needed to each room to capture the view in the most compelling way possible. This can take a bit more time than the "run and gun" methods that are sometimes commonly used. Of course I can speed things up if you have a time constraint. But in addition, I can slow things down if quality is more important than time.
What should I do to prep my home for its photo shoot?
The short answer to this is: Minimalism!
Clutter just doesn't photograph well. Simple, clean rooms let the potential view see the space and imagine them being in it.
Do I own the photos you send me?
No. I retain the copyright of all the images and videos that I create. I will send you an invoice that includes a license agreement.
How long is the license agreement?
For real estate the license agreement is for 2 years and include all uses needed to market the listing for sale and to market your brand. In the event that the listing doesn't sell within that timeframe, just contact me for a no-cost extension. Commercial and Architectural licenses are tailored to meet the clients needs.
When and how will the images be delivered?
Images will be uploaded to an online album and a link sent to you within 24 to 48 hours after completion of the shoot. At times even quicker. There may be rare occasions when I need more time for complicated processing or when unusual travel is require. But usually I deliver within a day.
How long have you been doing this? What's your background?
Check out my About for the long answer. But the short story is that I've had a love of photography and homes since I was a teenager and I've been doing interior photography as a business since 2013.
What gear do you use?
Gear really doesn't matter, except sometimes. For my commercial work I use gear that is reliable and does what I need with a minimum of fuss. In my case that is a Canon R5 with a full suit of Canon Tilt Shift Lenses.
For my personal work I covet gear that is beautiful and that inspires me. My film gear is a Hasselblad Arcbody & 903SWC and a Mamiya 6MF. For digital work I use a Hasselblad X1D II.
You mention you are a landscape photographer as well, can you personal work be viewed?
I post on Instagram and occasionally on this site in the Personal or Journal sections.
Do you offer private instruction or workshops for landscape & rural architecture photography?
Yes and No. I've never really been a fan of the "standard" workshop format. For me, it's too many participates for each instructor. So I don't plan to ever offer traditional workshops. But I do occasionally, on request, offer private lessons and guide services. Most recently that would be teaching a week of private lessons in the Palouse, and Photo Guiding on San Juan Island to a visiting photographer.
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