A Sweet Sunlit Entry
This was one of my first gigs of the season and a chance to overcome some real challenges. All the things that I love about Northwest houses can make then a challenge to photograph. And this house featured two of them, high wood ceiling and plenty of glass. So no nice, color-corrected white wall & ceiling to bounce my flashes off and the chore of hiding my lights from the many reflecting windows. But I loved photographing this house and this was my favorite photograph that day.
My goal here was to add enough fill light for a proper exposure to bring out the details and texture in all the marvelous wood without losing the feel of the sweet natural light.
A Mt Baker View Home
This house was truly a delight to photograph. It was multi day shoot as the owners required meticulous staging, so I reshot a number of rooms with different furnishings. But in the end it was very worthwhile. The hard part was culling out the photos. Well that and the many trip to the south end trying to catch a clear view of Mt Baker.
A Local, Iconic Watering Hole
To be completely honest, the real estate "money shot", aka the twilight shot, was the bane of my year. I studied, practiced and shot our own house until I was sure I was ready to nail this type of shot. And I loved taking them, so I showed up early and stayed late. And failed more than I succeeded. This was my first attempt and I received a nice little gift: a full moon rising over the Galley Restaurant.
An Old Lopez Island Farm House
In a way I was dreading shooting this house. It is a classic, sweet old Lopez Island farm house with view of Fisherman Bay. But mostly it just seemed old. When I got this assignment I thought "how am I going to deliver anything of value here"? And it was a rainy, dark northwest day to boot. Well, never underestimate the positive effects of staging. The owners did a fabulous job of getting this ole beauty ready for picture day. And the results surprised both me and my client. Heck I think it was her favorite job of the year.
A Sweet Home on Fisherman Bay
There just aren't a lot of homes like this on Lopez Island. Located on the south end of Fisherman Bay, it is almost completely surrounded by water.
This house was a dream to shoot as there were photographs waiting to be taken everywhere I looked. 

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