There is no shortage of "gems" in the wide variety of homes in the San Juan Islands. Some are sweet farm houses, others are rustic log homes but also dotting our landscape are stunning archectural masterpeices like this sweet Cabin design by Eggleston Farkas Architects.
This was one of my favorite photography assignments. This home very much epitomizes my ideal of living. It was meticulously crafted with not an ounce of wasted space. It demands from its owners a minimalist sense of purpose and rewards them with simplicity. 
A stunning, miminalistic interior beautifully sited on the rocky shores overlooking Richardson. 
A Quote from the Architect
“there’s very little wasted space in the house,” Eggleston says. “the owners worked really hard with us on limiting the amount of things that they want to store and making sure that all spaces are used efficiently.”

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