There are endless online discussions and debates about the best camera and how to Photoshop your way to "great" images. But the very best camera in my opinion is "light". Great light trumps all else. The best camera gear in ordinary or harsh light creates far less compelling images than a point and shoot camera or cell phone in beautiful light. This became abundantly clear to me on a recent camping / backpacking trip to Mt Baker. A quite unfortunate realization since I was packing 11 pounds of "proffessional" camera gear.
I've recently taken to using my iPhone SE as my "scouting" camera and the panorama feature is amazing and with good light and a compelling composition the results can be amazing as shown in the photo above.
I found it quite easy to alternate between my iPhone SE and my Sony A7Rii full frame mirrorless. The images below are from my Sony:
And again my iPhone.
And my "real" camera.
I could easily print or deliver any of these images to clients and while this won't change my choice of camera gear for my landscape work, it does remind me that light matters and gear doesn't. Which is why I believe that photography is about chasing and not fancy gear or clever software. So shoot what you got, cause it's likely plenty good enough.

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