Artist & Client: Amanda McCauley
Location: Artist's Studio, Lopez Island, WA

This was an incredibly stunning but equally challenging assignment. My client had proposed an architectural art installation using dried seaweed, gathered from her client’s home, mounted on paper similar to her existing mixed media works. This effort didn't yield the desired result since the seaweed lost it amazing color and texture when dry.
So the project shifted to photographing the assembled seaweed composition in a water tank and then using high resolution prints to create the artwork needed for the installation.
There were two distinct installations. The first was a set of three upper kitchen cabinets with a single image mounted behind the glass doors. The second was one very large image separated into thirds and mounted behind three full height sliding pantry doors.

Processed & Resized Images for the Cabinet Doors
Processed & Resized Image for the 3 Panel Sliding Doors
In addition to the selected images there were a few "runner ups" for the large sliding panty doors.

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