My digital landscape photography kit, like my ultra-light backpacking photography kit, is centered around my Hasselblad X1D medium format digital camera. And since most of my Long Exposure Landscape Photography and Architectural Photography images are taken on a tripod, I like to use adapted, manual focus lenses. Typically Hasselblad XPan lenses for backpacking and Mamiya 645 lenses for short hikes or car based photography.
This is a, mostly, complete list of the gear I have at my disposal for Landscape Photography but, like must photographers, I usually selectively pick and choose depending on the nature of the trip or subject.

Hasselblad X1D-50c Medium Format Mirrorless Digital Camera - Amazon
Markins LH-X1 Quick Release L-Bracket for Hasselblad X1D - Markins
Hasselblad GPS Module for X1D-50c Camera - Amazon
(3) Hasselblad High Capacity Rechargeable Battery for Hasselblad X1D-50c - Amazon
Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder - Amazon
(2) SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card - Amazon
Hoodman H30MB HoodLoupe Outdoor LCD Viewfinder for 3.0" Screens - Amazon
Medium Slope ICU - F-stop Gear

Mamiya-Sekor 35mm f/3.5 N Lens
Mamiya-Sekor 50mm f/4 Shift  Lens
Mamiya-Sekor 55mm f/2.8 N Lens
Mamiya-Sekor C 80mm f/2.8 N Lens
Mamiya-Sekor 120mm f/4 Macro A M Lens
Mamiya-Sekor C 150mm f/3.5 N Lens
Mamiya-Sekor C 210mm f/4 N Lens
Mamiya-Sekor C 300mm f/5.6 N ULD Lens
Hasselblad XPan - X1D Lens Adapter - Hasselblad
(4) Lee Filters 58mm Seven5 Adapter Ring - Amazon
Lee Filters 67mm Seven5 Adapter Ring - Amazon
(2) Lee Filters 72mm Seven5 Adapter Ring - Amazon
(3) Lee Filters Push-on Lens Cap for Seven5 Micro System Adapter Ring - Amazon
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