In early 2017 I ventured back in film photography after a few decades of absence. And although film photography has made quite a nice resurgence, the gear is relatively easy to find so tried a number of different system trying to find one that "fit" my style.
Currently that camera is a Hasselblad SWC/M with a fixed Zeiss Biogon 38mm f/4.5 lens and an a Hasselblad A12 back. It makes for a very simple kit that I often carry handheld, but can also use on a tripod with a removable ground glass and finder.
I'm looking forward to really getting to know this sweet, classic camera
Hasselblad SWC camera with Biogon CF 38mm f/4.5 T lens - Amazon
ClearsightUSA Hasselblad to Arca Foot Adapter  CS-H1a-3 - ClearsightUSA
Hasselblad A12 Type II Film Back - Amazon
Voigtlander Hasselblad SWC Low Angle Finder - CameraQuest
Hasselblad 41050 Focusing Screen Adapter
Hasselblad RMfx Reflex Viewfinder
Hasselblad Cable Release
Lumu Power Light Meter - Lumu Power
 iPhone SE - Apple

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